ex RSM and former Chairman of the TSRA

Trevor (Porky) Wright


18.09.1952 ~ 01.06.2023

Condolences & Recollections

JOCKS – Transvaal Scottish Pipes and Drums “The Transvaal Scottish Pipes and Drums is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Trevor (Porky) Wright HC MMM JCD & Bar on June 1st. Porky, as he was affectionately known, was formerly RSM of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment and served as Sergeant Major Army Reserves. He was not just a stalwart of our Regiment, but a legend and a pillar of the regimental family. He was a passionate supporter of our bands and his characterful presence will be sorely missed. We send our heartfelt condolences first and foremost to his family and loved ones, to his friends and to those with whom he served so meritoriously. Rest well, Sir. Your duty is done. Alba nam buadh.”


Irish Golf Day 16.03.23
  • South African Irish Regiment Pipes and Drums: Today we must say goodbye to a great friend and supporter of all things Pipe Band. Trevor (Porky) Wright HC MMM JCD & Bar. Ex Sgt Maj Army Reserves, Ex RSM Transvaal Scottish Regiment. He was a true hero, passionate leader and the epitome of an RSM. Our thoughts are with his wife, his children and indeed his whole Transvaal Scottish Family. Fair well Sir. Your duty is done! Porky is the bestest! 🫡
  • South African Irish Regiment Pipes and Drums: Extremely sad news!! An absolute legend that will live on and on. Faugh a Ballagh, Clear the Way, Porky, until we meet again!
  • Louise Weez Harris: Yesterday the Lord received yet another Angel!! I am so deeply saddened and shocked of your passing. It doesn’t feel real!!?? Uncle Porky a true legend who was a family friend, as he was also my parent’s Alter Boy on their wedding day in 1969 (just a proud moment for me). I got to know the family fairly well, after David and I joined the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association a few years back. I can tell you he got me every time “blushing” when he would shout out “I changed your nappy when you were small!! in front of every one 😂☺️…….. but I know this, that I am not alone on that phrase!!! 😁……. And when you were on parade and late, he would gnaw at your heals…… (please excuse the swearing!!!) He would call you “arsehole you are late”!!. 😜😅 and my penultimate favourite, from all the Pipe Band Gatherings he attended, is when the Jocks Pipe Band would march up to the Association gazebo, playing the Regimental march and you would hear him belt out “heeaaaaay Jocks!” at the end of the tune……. Always made me laugh…. 🥰😂❣️
    Thank you Uncle Porky for all the fun times we spent with you, Susan and family. They were truly special times, and I will miss you terribly. My heart is totally broken💔💔. Condolences to you Susan, Phillip, Morag and Alex, family and his closest friends we love you! ❤️❣️ Rest in peace Uncle Porky, Uncle Trev, Sir ex RSM Trevor Wright HC MMM JCD & Bar of the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association. “Porky is the BESTEST!!!!” “hey yukkety!” “Gone but will never be forgotten!” 💔❤️❣️🙏🏻🙏🏻😢🫶🏼 Louise and David Harris 
  1. Haroldene Trew: Sorry to hear of the passing of Trevor, our thoughts and prayers go to his family and his sister Penny. May he rest in peace. from Haroldene & Rodney
  2. Maureen Sturgess: What a beautiful tribute Louise. Just so him. He was such a character from a little ‘booooy’ as we always called him. My mum loved him – the day she asked ‘is it true you don’t wear jocks under your kilt’ oh booooy. 🤪 he’s given us many moments of just grinning about him. May you rest in peace Trevor & love & condolences to all your family and friend.
  3. Beverley Lahner: I just cant absorb this😢 I spoke with him at the Jeppe Gathering a few weeks ago… reminising about my late Dad (Brian Scott) What a great man. Condolences to his family at this sad time.
  4. Charles Wanckel: RIP. You were truly a giant amongst men. Rest eternal grant unto him O Lord and let light perpetual shine upon him and give him peace. Amen. God bless. Our condolences to his family.
  5. Kevin Steyn: RIP Sir Respect
  6. Hennie Henk Bresler:RIP Trevor, thank you for years of service and friendship…a legend in your time and a loss to your Regiment… condolences and sympathy to family and close friends.
  7. Andrew Campbell: Porky was a real gentleman, a friend to all and will be greatly missed. Go well.
  8. Barberton Bliss & News: Barberton will miss him!!
  9. Karl Brown: Stalwart to the end. What a legend- the world is poorer with his loss as is Heaven richer. RIP
  10. Ian Coltman: RIP bud
  11. Steve St Clair-Hall: Respect. RIP.
  12. Joe Egan: Rip fab
  13. Vic Sargent:RIP
  14. Laspalesky SA: May his soul rest in peace.
  15. Marius Whitepaw Heath: Salute to you sir, rest in peace with honor. Condolences to all.
  16. John Hall: Farewell, Porky, my friend. From the first time we met in Oshivello in January 1983, (gosh, thats 40 years ago!) you made an impression that will stick with me until we meet again. For certain, there will be no sloppy angels in heaven and the choirs will line up in neat rows. May God comfort your family and all your friends and may you rest easy. We will remember you.
  17. Tania Herwill: I’m absolutely heartbroken. I’ve just woken to the worst news of my life. We’ve lost a stalwart, a person who has been an integral part of three generations of our family. A person larger than life itself, and who has made a great impact on so many lives. Monumental in stature, personality, bravery and voice. Parades will never be the same without you Sgt Major. You’ve left an indelible mark on all of our lives and your memory will live on for many years to come. Our heartfelt condolences to Susan Phillip Alex and Morag. RIP Porky, you will always be “The Bestest”
  18. Mark Robin Howell: My condolence, to the family, RSM Wright,was a true jock, spent a number of defence wos formal evenings with him a great mentor..
  19. Sandy Henry: R. I. P. Porky highly respected by many❤️❤️😢😢😢
  20. Daniel DeLoughery: Rest In Peace… ❤️
  21. Johann Botha: Sag rus ou groote, ons sal jou mis en met groot deernis onthou!
  22. Jenny Woolley: A Jocks legend. RIP.
  23. Tony Mc Alister: RIP Porky. Sincere condolences to the family.


Message - Paul Booysen

Written by Kobus Joubert ~ 13th June 2023 ~

Tonight I am writing this with a heavy heart. It took me a lot of time as my heart was and will be in my throat for some time.
I would like all my TS friends to maybe do the same for what Porky meant to them. For me, it is a bit of a comical scenario but it is to show just what a great man he was, always looking out for HIS NCO’s.
My story starts when I was called up after three years of PF life and then civvy life. Missed the first camp but did the “voorspan” for it as the wife was preggy but did not miss the second one in 1984.
Then came 1985, I was still a corporal but after a very successful time where Captain Brownlow got a medal, I was promoted to Sergeant. Participated in a lot of parades as Colour Sergeant due to, yes, Porky.
Then come my story.
We did a camp on the West border of SA and as we as a mortar platoon was chosen to be the Reaction group. Well, we did pretty goog but I will leave your imagination for yourself. You will see for yourself what Porky did for us.
Put yourself in this scenario: we, the elite of 2TS chosen to guard the west border. We did our work BTW and even caught two illegals but the story is about Porky.
So… after training for a week we as THE platton after Kaokoland went to Ellisras to do a Rat Run. As the honcho Sergeant I had my own Buffel not to be the man but due to the stabilizing shock being out of order so none of my platoon was to ride on it so I carried the kit.
We got to Ellisras and after parking the Buffel called Sarge under the Maroela tree and ensuring that the ripe Maroela will fill the bin, I went into the HQ jut to hear Porky :”SERGEANT, COME HERE!” Needless to say my heart sank into my boots. The HQ was silent as I walked to his office.
“Sergeant, who do you think you are to throw officers off the chopper?”
So this is where my story comes in. During the training we had a Puma seconded to us to do the ops. At some point I loaded my one section on it when these two fresh out of Infanterie School wanted to board it. Needless to say, this Seagant showed then away, in a nice manner of: “excuse me Luitenant, but where do you think you are going? This is my chopper.
” We are going on it” and my response was : sorry it is an operational chopper so sorry. We lifted off and I can to this day see the picture of us leaving.
So, to get to the point, this is what Porky was on about.
“Sergeant, how can you throw officers off the chopper?” All with a big grin on his face. I saw it and played it and with a “but Sergeant Major, it was an operational chopper” he said something with the same grin on his face about fking off and so I did.
So we collected the Rats and left for another stint as the best.
Lastly, I am one of the most priveledged persons to have crossed paths with a man I believe to be a father figure. I will never forget the man that made me a well respected NCO but I will fall short to mimic him.
Rest in piece my Father, God be with you as no Veteran will see the gates of hell.
Love you, always.

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  1. Maureen Sturgess: Beautiful- Trevor was an incredible human being- the naughty booooy next door to 292 Persimmon Street- will always remember him.
  2. Susan Wright: Kobus, thank you for sharing .I can see his face as he “told you off”. from Susan .💔
  3. Colin Tame: Great story Kobus. I can picture Porky, in my mind, with that grin of his. I was a Jock kid with my father serving in the 2nd Battalion. I used to ride on Porky’s motorbike in the front holding on to the handlebars. Would have made any other guy nervous but he always had great patience with us kids. Then, many years later I had the great honour to be an NCO under his wing. I agree with your sentiments of him being a fatherly figure. We absolutely adored him. May he rest in peace. We will remember Him. ❤️
  4. Gus Fourie : I will share 2 stories.
    The first – light hearted. Somewhere at the border, I was already a sergeant. Walking without my Tammy on, Sir Wright, (never wrong), called me and made me bend while to taught me a lesson and proceeded to kick my butt. Hard. A week later I saw him playing volley ball without his Tammy on. I proceeded to advise him that he did not have his Tammy on. He bent down and said that I could now kick his butt. I just could not. My respect was just to great.

    The second – serious. We were doing hand grenade training. Manie and Dup were on the front line with Sir Wright. Kurt and I just behind handling and dishing out the grenades. Neem op grenaat!!! Maak gereed om te gooi!!!! GOOI!!!!! The one grenade goes straight up into the air. Four and a half seconds is not a long time….. time stood still. Sir Wright dives forward and flicks the grenade over the ridge and throws the lightie down. Granade explodes safely. EVERYONE MOERSE SHAKEN!! Porky screams – we were all deaf – that he needs a smoke. Between Kurt and Porky and myself we get a cigarette lit. Lots of shaking. We did not quite realise how many lives Porky saved that day till afterwards in the mess talking about it. That was the one HC that he got. MENEER SIR TREVOR WRIGHT. RIP SIR!

  5. Dennis Edgar: Porky was Special. Our first contact was when the Jocks moved into the school building in Mayfair. I was the QM and Porky was a Corporal. As a qualified electrician, he was called upon to do some electrical work. While conducting his task in the roof, he put his foot through the ceiling in my store. This became a standing joke between the two of us for years to come.
  6. Trevor Patrick: Thank you for your Service and sharing the story.
  7. Kobus Joubert: Thank you sir, it was and will always be my pleasure.
  1. Anne-Marie Coetzee: RIP WO
  2. Albert Makgae: RIP, condolences to the family
  3. Dolores Keys-de Roche: Rest in Eternal peace dear Porks.
  4. Michael Burdette: RiP mate 🤟
  5. Tommy Soutar: Gatherings will never be the same without you. Rest In Peace, will be sorely missed.
  6. Jeff Norton: Rest in Peace Trevor
  7. Susan De Waal: RIP old friend🙏
  8. Ollie Olwagen: RIP CWO Wright.
  9. Richard Gardner: We salute you. RIP
  10. Dale Beatty: Rest in Peace Trevor gone but not forgotten.
  11. Charmaine Williams: Simply the bestest Porky, wonderful memories forever 💙Thoughts with Susan and family
  12. Dennis & Heather Duncan: OMGOSH no !! both Heather and I knew Trevor. Such a shock to see this here this morning. RIP brother . 😞
  13. Chris Howarth: A good friend from Jeppe High School Pipe Band when I tutored there and met Trevor there and stayed friends until today then through the Regimental Band and Association where I played for many years right up until today. Trevor was a good friend and associate friend for many years and will be very sorely missed by myself and my 2 sons who looked up to Trevor for many years growing up in front of him as they followed him through the Pipe Band and at functions at the VIEW for many years right up to today. We will miss him as he was always good to my sons and was always held in very high Regard by my sons and will never be forgotten by my myself or my family RIP Trevor all our Best Chris, Bruce and Stewart Howarth.
  14. Hendrik de Waal: Rip my friend. I will always have fond memories of all our highs and lows as work colleagues and 43 years friendship.
  15. Michelle Marsala: We are sorry to hear of the passing of Trevor. He will be fondly remembered. Condolences to Susan and family
  16. Rob Lund: Wish I could attend!
  17. Tiko Brink: Baie sterkte vir Susan sal hom onthou toe ek by die btigade was as hy my gegroet het as sir sal hom mis
  18. Caroline Krugel: You will be missed ❤️
  19. Mike Milford: Rest in peace Porky and condolences to the family. You will be missed by all those the knew you 😢😢❤️❤️
  20. Ginty Headrick: Such a shock to see this, rest in peace Trevor, remembering our days at J & P together. Condolences to the family x
  21. Lee-Ann van Biljon: RIP. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Deepest sympathies to the Family ❤️
  22. Penny Oberholzer: Peace and comfort to Susan and family.
  23. Neil Lavin: After almost 36 years in Cape Town and having just reestablished contact with Trevor again, this news come as quite a shock. Our sincere condolences to all his family. Neil and Shirley Lavin Cape Town
  24. Michelle Naude: I didn’t know I could cry so much, seeing the heartbreak of your wife and kids broke me, I don’t know how to help them. I wish I could take their pain and let them be pain free, we didn’t always see eye to eye but we were family. Phillip Wright (kiddo) Morag Wright Susan Wright I’m just a (few missed) calls and whatsapps away… I’m sorry for your loss ❤️❤️❤️ love always
  25. Trevor Patrick: Dear Sue we are terribly sad to hear of Porky’s passing. Reading the numerous tributes filled with admiration is testament to the legendry Hero Trev was in his life. I will miss his wonderful humour. Our condolences to you and your family and friends. Trev Col and Dusty
  26. Daniel P Ungerer: RIP Porky. Friend mentor and ultimate source of knowledge on all SA Army related Parade and Ceremonial issues. Will there ever be another WO1 like you. ????
  27. Dolores Keys-de Roche: Susan, Phillip, Morag, Alex, family and friends, a true legend has passed. Porks you wiill always be remembered for the precious human you were to so many. You were and will always be a very special friend. You will always be “my special s@$&”. You will now be with many of your friends and keep them in tow. Precious Angel, my heart is totally broken.
  28. David Grant Else: No ways boet I can’t believe this …… Susan Wright my deepest condolences to you and the family I have just had a big guy punch. Porra boet Im So sorry I know you guys were very close he was the best RSM ever I’m lost for words right now.
  29. Sky Cabrall: Rest in peace RSM.
  30. Charmaine Williams: RIP PORKY ! Saddened to hear the news today another legend gained his wings. As he used to say to me Who’s the bestest my reply “Porky is the bestest” Fly high cuz! My condolences to Susan, Phillip, Morag and Alex and family 💔
  31. Dune Ben-Dror: Go well Uncle Porky. You were definitely the bestest in my books. Thanks for all the crazy and daring stories of valor. I only wish I could have shared a dop with you. Uncle Ed is probably waiting in the pub for you.
  32. Jacky Ruis: You will always be the bestest Porky 💖
  33. Malcolm Livingstone:🙏🙏🙏🫂🫂🫂
  34. Maurice Paoli:😢😢 – He was a legend, we are all very, very sad
  35. David Grant Else: He was the best man I ever met I’m so sorry for your loss 😭🥺
  36. Beverley Ann Heidemann: Sincere condolences 🙏 May he RIP.
  37. Beverley Marais Vermeulen: Susan thoughts and love
  38. Jennifer Livock: Condolences sent to you and the family. Remember he is with you still in love, memory, and family.
  39. Noleen Maher: Condolences to Susan and the family. What a wonderful man. Always a people person. Take care Thos and Noleen
  40. Jeff Gaitskill: Our condolences to You Susan and the family. We will remember Him.
  41. John Hall: Please accept our family’s sincerest condolences and may God carry you in the palms of His sacred hands as you negotiate these dark waters. Rest in peace, Porky, old friend.
  42. Theresa Pretto: So sorry to hear about Trevor. Our condolences to you Susan, your children and all of the family. MHDSRIP.
  43. Andy Mskn: My condolences to you all. Heartbroken.
  44. Renee Meskin: Condolences to you and your children Susan 💔💔💔
  45. Lisy Pickles: Condolences Susan, I have such good memories of Porky as a child. A true gentleman. Fly high angel 👼! I will always think of you when I see a curly stash 🥸. MHDSRIP
  46. Ashley Labuschagne: 😢❤️
  47. John Livock: Hold on to the love not the loss 🤗😘
  48. Norah Nell Visser: SALUUT🙏
  49. Chris Reilly: RIP. A true hero.
  50. Deon Koekemoer: RIP Porky 🙏
  51. Roxy Du Toit: Condolences to family and friends
  52. Mike Bowett: RIP.  Condolences to the family
  53. Charles Drewe: RIP Porky
  54. Chris Green: R.I.P. Porky – Respect
  55. Jaap Lourens:Rest in peace Sgt Major. We will remember you. Jaap Lourens Witwatersrand Rifles
  56. Craig Finch: May you rest in peace Porky. The regiment and all of us will miss you. A legend who won’t be forgotten
  57. George Hill: Was an honour to serve with you…. RIP RSM Porky Wright. A soldier… A gentleman and a legend.
  58. Lawrence Wordon: Fond memories of Mr Wright who was our biggest supporter of the Tvl Scottish Pipe Band. Condolences to his Family and many Friends. Rip RSM
  59. Colin Lynch: My sincere condolences to the family, porky known you from school days a good person always willing always smiling M.H.D.S.R.I.P
  60. Brian Jansen: It was an honour to serve with you. RIP Sir.
  61. James Cosslett: I am very sad to hear of Trevor’s passing. Probably one of the finest men I have ever met in my life. R.I.P
  62. Hennie Henk Bresler: RIP Trevor, you have always been a legend in your time…condolences to Susan and family on your loss, and to friends and regiments Porky associated with during his career, the RSM is called to higher duty, you may stand down Sir…
  63. Chris Reilly: RIP Trevor.
  64. Vaughan Farquharson: Rip Porkie , always looked up to you, smart, a real soldier and a friend
  65. Johannes Hendrik Cloete: RIP RSM Porky. Condolences to the family and friends. God is with you.
  66. Bruce Harris: A soldiers soldier, one of the finest. RIP Porky. Til we stand shoulder to shoulder again.
  67. Renee Meskin: RIP Porky. Fly High 💔🙏🙏
  68. Caroline Friemelt Swart: Iconic, I remember him.
  69. Tony Morton: A great man and Soldier.Rest in peace. We wont forget you.It was a honour to serve with you.
  70. Anthony Colyn: Rest In Peace Mr. Wright. A true soldier and gentleman. Condolences to the family.
  71. Mark Wilkie: RIP
  72. Peter Dighton: I’m very sorry to hear this news. Rest in peace RSM. My condolences to your family.
  73. Charles Drewe: RIP Porky. A real Gentleman. Condolences to Susan and the family.
  74. Andrew Dollenberg: Rest well Trevor.
  75. Richard Yeomans: RIP
  76. Robert du Toit: RIP RSM. You always took the time to have a chat. I’ll miss them.
  77. Fiona Edwards: Condolences to his family
  78. Christopher Charles Bethwaite: My RSM. RIP Sir
  79. Johan Graaff:Condolences to the family
  80. Alison Bonniwell Donaldson: RIP. Condolences to all who cared for him.
  81. Transvaal Scottish Regimental HQ – The View: Mr. Wright – it was always Mr. Wright! And to those who got to know him – Porky. RSM Trevor Wright HC MMM JCD & Bar of the Transvaal Scottish. What is there to say: RSM, friend and mentor. Gentleman and just a “Mensch”. RIP Trevor, and get all those angels singing: “Porky is the bestest”.
  82. Nick Coetzee: RIP RSM
  83. Craig Sked: RIP ❤️
  84. Duncan MacDonald: Condolences to family and friends and may he RIP.
  85. Laurence Savage: RIP Porky. Till we meet again. Condolences to family and friends.
  86. Cathy Diederiks: RIP RSM. Condolences to Porky’s family and friends.
  87. The Gauteng Piper:Oh my word! Condolences to all in the regiment! RIP!
  88. Roger Else:Amen RIP Trevor
  89. Chris Fitter: RIP Porky
  90. Jackie Lloyd: RIP Porkie, our biggest supporter – you will be sorely missed
  91. Kerry-Ann Pounder: Rest in Peace Porky. You will be missed by all who loved you x
  92. Adrian Haddow: RIP Mr Wright – from one JOB & Jock to another – FND
  93. Malcolm Livingstone: A wonderfully moving and emotional service for a truly outstanding individual.RIP RSM 🙏RIP Porky
    RIP our friend 🙏🙏
  94. Richard Olsen: RIP Porky the Irish will hold the fort.
  95. Cheryl Young: RIP 🙏 Sir
  96. SA Weermagvereniging / SA Defence Force Association: RIP
  97. Lisa Toft: Sir Knight, it has been both my privilege and pleasure working for you and the TSRA. A true gentleman and a soldier of the finest caliber. We will endeavour to continue your work to the best of our ability. You will be sorely missed, but your sage advice and words of wisdom will always be there to guide us. My very fondest love from Spidey, Mistress of the Web and sometimes Lisaaaaaaah. Rest well Sir Knight! 💔
  98. David Humphrey: RIP soldier of soldiers
  99. Charmaine Williams: Thinking of you all. Porky will always be the bestest. Love from UK
  100. Haroldene Trew: Thinking of you all today
  101. Bruce Templeton: Till we meet again my friend. Many very fond memories and times together.
  102. John Bolitho: Thoughts are with you all. From a Johannesburg Regiment veteran with great respect. Inverleigh Australia
  103. Neil Carroll:  is watching from New Zealand
  104. Pierre Van Blommestein: Thank you Porky for the guidance of a wise RSM to a new Padre, and for the years of your friendship. Be at rest now faithful soldier.
  105. Lucy Lowther: From Padre Bill “Farewell Old Friend. Only the happiest of memories. It has been an honour and a privilege. Soar to the highest, until we meet again.”
  106. Sky Cabrall: Rest easy RSM. You were a mentor, friend and pillar of strength to many a soldier. Salute sir. Salute. Via com Deus.
  107. Cheryl Young: Love to the family
  108. David Pilley: RIP Porky
  109. Gabi Hodge: RIP Porky God bless 🙏
  110. Lucy Lowther: Our thoughts are with you at this awful time, particularly today. We are with you in thoughts and via cyberspace. Much love.
  111. Sue Goode: RIP Porky
  112. David Keys: RIP Porky
  113. Emma Leus: RIP Porky. You will be sorely missed always.
  114. Stuart Templeton: RIP Sgt Major
  115. George Paizis: RIP Porky.
  116. Stewart Henderson: RIP Porky
  117. Billy Krugel: You are a legend. RIP Trevor
  118. Frikkie Pretorius: RIP Sgt Major
  119. Jaco Lötter: Sad news. RIP.
  120. Karen Parry: Condolences to his family
  121. Ian Deetlefs: RIP RSM
  122. Jan Oosthuizen: My sincere condolences to Susan, his family friends and colleagues. RIP fellow soldier.
  123. Allister Long: Very sad news! Condolences to the family.
  124. Brian Parry: Rest in Peace Sir, You will be missed. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.
  125. Chad Thomas: Heartbreaking news. RIP Samajoor.
  126. Mervyn-Minnie Beukes Mark: Rest in peace, Trevor. Salute
  127. Lauren Jones: A legend had fallen. 🐷💔
  128. Guy Mcilroy: That is sad news. Respect, RSM. You inspired us, your bravery and always ready and willing to give. RiP. Salute. Our thoughts and condolences to the family.
  129. Linda Leigh Young: Very sad news indeed.  Condolences to Susan and his children – sending love and light to you all xx
  130. Melanie van der Walt: We are heartbroken. Dearest Porky, a Sgt. Major, a Mentor, a greatest friend, a Legend whom will never be forgotten. R.I.P Sir, you are loved. Our deepest condolences, prayers and strength Susan, Philip, Morag and Alex. 🙏💔 (Porky is the Bestest)
  131. Gavin O’Leary: RIP Trevor, thoughts and prayers with the family 😥😥😥
  132. Peter Allan: Very sad news RIP
  133. Johnny Du Plooy: RIP RSM (Porky) Rfn Johnny du Plooy
  134. Grant Howard: Shocked and saddened by this news. My deepest condolences to his family as well as the Jocks on the passing of a legend of a man.
  135. Mike Ellison: Very sad news, RIP Porky, condolences to his family. Grateful to have had a drink with him at the Jeppe Gathering
  136. David Pike: Mike Ellison agree. I am also very grateful to have had a good chat with him at Jeppe. Met him in 1983 for the first time and many interactions since then. Great guy, a true legend.
  137. David Keys: Such sad news. An inspiration, a true hero, so generous, a LEGEND. His passing leaves a hole in the world.. I will never forget the kindnesses he showed me, the guidance too. Deepest condolences to Susan, Phillip, Morag and Alex.. R.I.P RSM
  138. Dawn Prince: So shocked to hear this very sad news. My deepest sympathy to all his loved ones. Susan my heart goes out to you all❤️⚘️❤️Rest in peace cuz 💔
  139. Niall E S Cumming: RIP. Condolences to the family
  140. Clarence Hobbs: RIP RSM Porky. You will be missed. Condolences to his family.
  141. Maureen Sturgess: This is just such tragic news. We loved you booooy from when you were little. Susan & your family our heartfelt sympathy but know that Treveor was loved by hundreds. May he rest in peace 🥲💔
  142. Penny Hugo: Our deepest sympathy to you on your loss of your brother. We had some great times in Persimmon Street.
  143. Harry van Staden:We at Johannesburg Regiment Association are truly gutted. Porky was a true friend, a true soldier and the epitome of loyalty. He will be sadly missed at our playful Jock/ JRA sparring sessions. Our deepest sympathy to Susan, family and friends. Stand easy friend.
  144. Andre Van Rensburg: RIP RSM. He was always a gentlman!
  145. Graham Jack: I am so very sorry to hear of Trevor’s sudden passing. Len, Kyle and I (Atholl Highlanders) have such great happy memories of our times with Trevor and The Transvaal Scottish at the View and Blair Castle when both Regiments were on Tour. Through Facebook we again made contact during Covid lockdown and it was great to catch up with Transvaal news. Our sincere condolences and regards to Susan and the Wright family in their time of shock and sadness. Such a great loss of a truly remarkable gentleman. RIP Trevor.
  1. Victor Fernandes Snr: Descansa em Paz, Sgt. Major Wright..FND
  2. John Mellitchey: Very sad news, a legend has left us. RIP Porky
  3. Sheryl Benningfield: You will be missed Uncle Porky
  4. Terrence Starkey: Condolences and prayers
  5. Duncan MacDonald: Condolences to family and friends and may he RIP.
  6. Edwin Welkin: RIP RSM Porky. We will remember him. My condolences to the family.
  7. Paul Booysen: Very sad news aai Porkie you will be missed Condolences to Susan and familie..RIP
  8. Tommy Soutar: Very sad news, RIP Porky will be sorely missed an officer and a gentleman. 😔😔 Going to miss you at the Gatherings.
  9. Clyde Hepburn: Rest in Peace Mr Wright. I will always cherish the many years we worked together, both at the Transvaal Scottish Regiment and SA Army headquarters. Have a large one for us!
  10. Clyde Hepburn: My sincere condolences to Susan and family.
  11. Mark Davies: RIP, loss of a great man
  12. Neil Carroll: So sad to hear of the passing Trevor Porky Wright RIP sir, condolences to the family and friends. You will be sadly missed from Neil and Jacquie in New Zealand
  13. Louis Vanzyl: RIP RSM, sterkte aan die familie, ons bid en dink aan julle.
  14. Alan Beaumont: Rest In Peace Porky, condolences to the family 😢
  15. Fernando Alves: Condolences to the family may Trevor RIP A True Friend and Brother till We meet again I’ll listen out for you play your bagpipes as I did 60 odd years ago. We Will Remember You
  16. Grant Patrick Murphy: Condolences to the family. A giant has gone. RIP.
  17. Gavin Dingley: I’m so sorry to hear that. Bless his soul.
  18. Janne Kirsten: My deepest condolences to all his friends and family he will be sorely missed.
  19. James Marshall: Condolences to Susan, family and the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association. His passing will leave a great void at the View. A good friend to my late father, Padre Bill Marshall, and fellow Jeppe Boys High School student. RIP Porky.
  20. Shane Askew: Rest in peace, Porky. You will be remembered.
  21. Steven Shimmings: So, so sad: We Will Remember Him. Rest easy Mr. Wright. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Wright Clan.
  22. TJ Wilkinson: Hand salute. Two. #HandsAcrossTheSea 🇺🇸 🇿🇦 
  23. Mark Wilkie: My deepest condolences to his family and the Regimental Association. Rest in Peace Porky.
  24. Greg King: My deepest condolences to Trevor’s family. I always so admired Porky’s love and dedication to the TSRA. It was such a valuable link for me to the unit that my father, George Farrar King had served in. So pleased that we were able to have lunch together a few months ago at The View. We have lost a truly great man. RIP dear Porky.
  25. John Alcock: RIP
  26. Les Jordan: Rest in peace Trevor😢
  27. Michael AJ Else: RIP in Trevor. We had some crazy and wild times back in the day. My deepest condolences to Susan and family. Go well Porks.
  28. SA Weermagvereniging / SA Defence Force Association: RIV
  29. Sean Peter Hutchinson: Porky is the Bestus, Rest In Peace Sir
  30. Jaco Steenberg: RIV
  31. Mike Bowett: RIP
  32. Andy Dyer: RIP God bless you
  33. Henri Jonker: RIP. Condolences to the family. Pray that the Lord will provide comfort in this sad times. 😭🙏
  34. Graeme McMaster: So sad to hear this. He will be missed.
  35. Bazil Cranko: So sorry to hear..RIP Sir
  36. Pam Reynecke: Oh how sad. Such fond memories of Porky. Lamepa was your unique nickname for me and I will always remember you and your wonderful sense of humor. RIP now. Sincere condolences to all family and friends 😪💕
  37. Mike Groenewald: We Will Remember Him. Memorable Order of Tin Hats and Sandton Commando Regimental Association.
  38. Alan McLachlan: So sad. A true gentleman. RIP Trevor
  39. Carol Chris Travis: May he rest in peace. Gone but never forgotten. Condolences to his family.
  40. Lynn Stacey: 💔💔
  41. Lance Annandale: Sad to hear about this loss. Condolences to the family. RIP S/Major.
  42. Gaynor Spolidoro: Condolences to the family. Sad news.
  43. Lindy Cavanagh: So very sad. Sincere condolences to his family. We will all miss you. RIP Porks.
  44. Kevi Levin: Sincere condolences to the Wright family. RIP
  45. Justin Hampson: Condolences to the family and friends.
  46. Ian Coltman: RIP bud.
  47. Stephanie Holmes: My thoughts go out to his family
  48. Wendy Du Preez: RIP Uncle Porky, i will forever miss you and love you.
  49. Graham Denniston: Sincerest condolences to the family, may God comfort you all at this time.
  50. Michael Allnutt: RIP Trevor. Forever remembered as wonderful person and having mutual friendship for many years
  51. Wayne Russell: Rip S/major. Short time I spent at the unit between 1985-1989, I came to know him through my S/major Bernie. Awesome men
  52. Roger Else: Amen RIP Trevor fondly remembered as PORKY condolances to the Wright family Amen
  53. Robert Marks: Rip Sgt Major. Condolences to all the family.
  54. Pretoriamodeltrain Club: R I P
  55. Lynette Benade: I am shocked. RIP my friend. Condolences to the family
  56. Chad Thomas: RIP Samajoor.
  57. Antoinette Robert Krog: RIP
  58. Anthony Colyn: RIP Mr Wright. Great soldier and a gentleman.
  59. Sharon Browne: Sending condolences 🙏
  60. Rob Heath: RIP Sgt Major
  61. George Paizis: Fond memories. Our thoughts are with Sue Adams, Darren and family. Love from Valerie Paizis and the boys
  62. Tommy Soutar: Wonderful service for a true friend will be sadly missed.
  63. Brian van der Bijl: A true soldier salute , a true friend Brian van der Bijl and family from the UK
  64. Pieter Roos: RIP Porky till we meet again lv piet and erica roos
  65. D Jonker De Wet: Salute big man
  66. Ruth Pollitt: RIP Porky
  67. Geoff Lathy: Fair winds and following seas, RSM… Your memory marches on!
  68. Peter Marshall: A pillar of the Regiment and an exemplary and great soldier. Gentle & wonderful with children. Fondly remembered forever. RIP. Peter & Margaret &Oliver Marshall. Isle of Man.
  69. Maureen Sturgess: Farewell Trevor – to my mom & family – you were one special naughty booooy who lived next door to us. What wonderful memories we all share. Rest in peace Sarge – wish I could have been at this beautiful farewell- you were a legend of your own Sincere condolences to your wife & family. Love to your sister Penny (so soon after losing Hans) & to all your friends at TSRA – Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association – he will be missed at all your future gatherings. May his naughty beautiful soul rest in peace ♥️ 
  70. Jaap Lourens: A fitting farewell…to the sound of the pipes as Sgt Major Porky is sent off…..Until Valhalla Sgt Major. Salute.
  71. Barbara Jones: Lovely send off for Porky, he will be sadly missed.

  72. Allan Vorster: RSM Wright symbolically overlooking Sodalite (Sodeliet)-base, 102 Bn Kaokoveld, which he protected with life and limb in early 1983. RESPECT, RIP. obo 102 Bn Kaokoveld SWATF.

  73. Denese Margaret Koch: My thoughts and prayers are with you all, who have loved and mourn this uniquely special man. May his passing out parade be an upliftment and special memorial for you all. Susan, sending you special love, as one of my oldest and dearest friends.

  74. Karen Heydenrych: Porky will always be the bestest. 💔 My thoughts and prayers go out to Susan Wright and family, and friends of Porky Wright. RIP sir.

  75. Thought and prayers on behalf of the Veterans dedication page.

  76. Cedric O’Farrell: He will be greatly missed..he was a legend. He is writing into history records (military/Jeppe boys high) he was the jocks..mention the Jocks ..one automatically thinks of Porkie..a true legacy is not building buildings—but having a great influence in /on peoples lives which will ripple down many generations-that’s Porkie..to a brother in arms, an old Jeppe boy, (Kudu house) you have made a difference on this earth, you will be missed..we salute you RIP. You been posted/transferred to a higher posting.