R.I.P. David van Duyker

It is with sadness that we have been informed by his daughter Marion Becker, that David van Duyker after a period of ill health, has been called to Higher Service on the 10th November 2020. He was with his family on the South Coast at the time.
I have extended the Associations condolences on behalf of the Chairman, Committee and the wider Association, to Marion.
He will be remembered by many with fondness and special memories.
Mike King

Livestream of David Van Duyker’s funeral from the Presbyterian Church in Fish Hoek from 10 25 am on 26 Nov 2020
This is the higher quality audio and video recording from the front of the church. It is better overall than the livestream.
This was the livestream from the back of the church with a laptop mic. The link above is to a better quality recording from the front of the church. However this copy has more shots of the actual church showing a lot of the people in and around the church.

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