Membership with the TSRA

Objectives of the TSRA

  • to foster esprit de corps.
  • to cater for the welfare of past and present members of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment.
  • to uphold, carry out and maintain the traditions of the Regiment.
  • to foster comradeship between past and serving members of the Regiment.
  • to assist members of the Regiment and their dependants in times of need.
  • to further the welfare of the Regiment.

Eligibility Requirements for Membership

Serving and former members of the regiment are eligible for membership of the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association. Members who have not served with the Regiment, but are interested in the well-being and principles of the TSRA are welcome to apply for associate membership.

Membership Subscription Fees for 2020 are also shown on the application form below.

Apply for membership to the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association by completing this form!

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