About the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association

Formation of The Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association

At the end of World War II, each of the three battalions had their own Association. In January 1950, Major Angus McLaren wrote in the 1st Bn newsletter, No 3. that: ” a strong combined association should carry a lot more weight in the future and be of greater assistance to the Regiment as a whole.” This amalgamation took place on 24th March 1950 with sixty-six members in attendance. Since that date, membership has grown significantly with membership world-wide.

  • The  Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association meet regularly at The View, in Parktown, Johannesburg.

  • The View (the historic former home of the diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan) also houses the regimental museum of the Transvaal Scottish.

  • The association publishes The Jock Column, a leading journal of its kind in South Africa.

Objectives of the TSRA

  • to foster esprit de corps.

  • to cater for the welfare of past and present members of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment.

  • to uphold, carry out and maintain the traditions of the Regiment.

  • to foster comradeship between past and serving members of the Regiment.

  • to assist members of the Regiment and their dependents in times of need.

  • to further the welfare of the Regiment.

Eligibility Requirements for Membership

Serving and former members of the regiment are eligible for membership of the Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association. Members who have not served with the Regiment, but are interested in the well-being and principles of the TSRA are welcome to apply for associate membership.

Executive Committee


  • TSRA Events – D. Ras email: email: events[@]jocks.co.za

  • Please note: This is exclusively for Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association events. Contact details for private functions at The View.
  • Liaison – Regimental Council – Major (Rtd). T.R. Cock MMM, JCD

  • Friends of the Jocks –  R.H. Prince MMM, JCD

  • Digital Media & Editor of The Jock Column – L. Toft-Fyvie

  • Members – B. Mulwitski

Honorary Life Members

  • P. B. V. Clarence

  • Major (Rtd) T. Cock MMM, JCD

  • D. J. Hattingh

  • P.C. Marshall JCD

  • R. Prince MMM, JCD


The regimental tartan is “Murray of Atholl” and is worn by the Transvaal Scottish drummers. The pipers wear the “Murray of Tullibardine”. Both tartans symbolise the regiment’s connections to the Duke of Atholl, the founding member who granted the right to the use of these tartans and thus symbolising the link back to the Atholl Highlanders.

Regimental Badge

The regimental badge worn by all members depicts a Scottish thistle on a scroll bearing the motto Alba num Buadh (Gaelic for “Well done, Scotland” or “Scotland, home of the virtues”. It is surrounded by a heraldic strap and buckle bearing the regiment’s name, all on the Star of the Order of the Thistle.

The Red Hackle

In 1938 the Regiment was given permission by The Black Watch Highland Regiment to wear the Red Hackle. Originally the Regiment wore The Red Hackle on the Tam ‘O Shanter in Battle Dress and Drill Order only. 
The Association now wears the Red Hackle behind the Balmoral Badge in order to display our affiliation to the Black Watch.

Regimental March

The regimental march of the Transvaal Scottish is the “Atholl Highlanders”.

The Jock Column

The Association publishes “The Jock Column”, a leading journal of its kind in South Africa. This publication is available to all members. The TSRA has members throughout South Africa, Scotland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Tazmania, Mauritius, The Bahamas and Kenya.


Members and interested parties are invited to submit letters and articles of interest to :
The Editor Jock Column
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