A Christmas Message from your Chairman

My dear fellow members of the amazingly ubiquitous family of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment and the exceptional friends that we have gained over the years. The Regiment may have ceased to exist, but we who served in it or are associated with The Jocks are wondrously empowered to carry on with the fine legacy that we have been handed.
Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, we have seen many changes and adjustments to our lifestyle. One thing that we have learned is that it is possible to adapt to any situation and to prosper and not to merely accept adversity. Several of our members and friends have decided to seek their fortune in new homes overseas. To each one of them, although we greatly lament the loss of your company, I wish you peace, posterity and in particular success in their new venture. I am not going to name any of you for fear of omission and thereby offending individuals but by reading this missive they know that we truly miss their company and the good work that was done by them for our Association.
The reluctance to drive at night has too caused a change of mindset. The numbers at our monthly get-togethers have dwindled alarmingly. Your committee is open to suggestions as to how this can be rectified. Remember the committee’s sole function is to do your bidding. On the other hand, I must say that attendance at our Memorial services has greatly improved and for that I am immensely grateful.
A few years ago, we amended our constitution to facilitate non-Jocks joining our great Association. This step is starting to bear fruit. I would like to welcome all the new members that have joined the TSRA over the recent past. I especially welcome the young men and women from Pro Ethos Fire and Rescue Training. Besides serving their community these young people took part in the Nottingham Road Highland games wearing Murray of Atholl Kilts, which they purchased of their own accord.
We have also lost some members to the Covid Pandemic as well as natural attrition. To those families that have lost loved ones in the recent past, you have my deepest condolences. I ask you all to remember that you have another family to support you during your grieving. Please take us up on our offer of solace and companionship.
We all know that Bugs Morelee was the founding editor of the Jock Column, Patrick Clarence took over the post and continued to do Bug’s fantastic work. With Paddy deciding to retire and spend half the year with his family in Europe, Geoff Lathy took the reins and started off with a couple of excellent issues. Sadly, for us he too decided that a move to the UK for him Heidi, and his family was the solution to their problems caused by COVID. It is now close on two years since we saw a Jock Column and it is with enormous pleasure that I can announce that Lisa Toft, our webmistress has offered to edit the Jock Column, her first issue contains this greeting, and I hope to see The Jock Column getting back to a regular quarterly Issue. We cannot produce the Jock Column without your support and contributions so please share your stories, memories, and experiences that you had with our great Regiment with us so that we can spread the word.
Your committee will continue to strive to keep the TSRA growing and as such will endeavor to maintain the ideals of our Association as laid down in our constitution. We would like to be a greater donor to those members that need financial help which means that we are more and more reliant on our members to attend and assist with the marketing of our fundraisers as well as sales from our Jock Shop. Bearing the Jock Shop in mind, we have started marketing novelty items of clothing and mugs to complement our existing range of memorabilia. So please visit our website for more information on price and availability. I say again your committee is here to do your bidding so if there are any suggestions as to what you would like us to stock in the Jock Shop, “Let’s hear you”!
I find it necessary to thank all the families of our members for your continuing support of your husband, wife, son, or daughter in their efforts to keep our Association going and growing. A special word of thanks to the committee that you, the members, voted in. Their sacrifice of family time taken to serve our Association does not go unnoticed and I as Chairman value their efforts unashamedly.
In closing, I want to wish our Christian members and friends a Happy Blessed Christmas and our Jewish members and friends Hanukkah Sameach! To all of you, I wish you a prosperous New Year and all success in the future.
Trevor (Porky) Wright
Chairman ~ Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association

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