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We have a Winner! Congratulations Lt Col Mike Shirley. 

Choose your Prize! 2021 Subscriptions paid. Cash Prize R280.00 Bottle of Scotch to be collected at the first meeting we have after Lock Down.

There were 5 people who answered 21 out of 25 questions correctly so there was a countdown on bonus answers.
The 5 were Mike Shirley (26 out of 31), John Hopkins, Bev Hopkins (25 out of 31), Jim Findlay and Trevor Cock (24 out of 31)

NO 100% ANSWERS. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Here are the answers to our LOCK DOWN Trivia Quiz.
Thanks to all those who participated. Especially Dave Rankin for keeping us on our toes.
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Bonus Answers

  1. Entertainment 1 Name the most decorated actor in American Military History?
    Audie Murphy
  2. Jocks 2 Who founded and was the first Editor of the Jock Column? Bugs Moralee
  3. Sport 3 Which Jock was a double Springbok in the ’70s? Bonus: Which Sports? Jimmy Cook
    Cricket and Soccer/football
  4. Jocks 4 Who was the Colonel-in-Chief of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment up to 30th March 2002?Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
  5. Heritage 5 What memorial is this? Bonus: Where is it situated? Scottish Horse Memorial
    Caledonia Hill, Highland Rd Kensington, Johannesburg
  6. Military History 6 Who was nicknamed “The White Death” by the Red Army during WW2? Simo “Simuna” Häyhä was a Finnish military sniper.
  7. Entertainment 7 This ” Star Trek” actor took six bullets on Juno Beach. Bonus for the name of the ‘Star Trek’ Character. James Doohan, Scotty. 
  8. Sport 8 Name the Jock who won a Gold Medal at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games? Lawrie Stevens
  9. Military History 9 General Koos De La Rey was killed 15 September 1914 in a road block set up to capture which gang? Foster Gang
  10. Heritage 10 The Stone House was the home of which Honorary Colonel of The Transvaal Scottish? Col Ian Mc Kenzie
  11. Entertainment 11 Who wrote the book Pyramids and Poppies? Capt. PKA Digby
  12. Jocks 12 What was the full name of, “Snakebite” Cockcroft? Buller Redvers Mark Cockcroft
  13. Sport 13 Which Cruiser weight world boxing champion served in the Transvaal Scottish Regiment in the 1970s? Piet Crous
  14. Military History 14 Who was the first woman to be awarded the George Cross?Odette Marie Céline Brailly/ Sansom/ Churchill/ Hallowes
  15. Heritage 15 What year did Sir Thomas Cullinan build The View? 1896 Completed 1897
  16. Entertainment 16 Which “Carry On” actor was a Lieutenant in the South African Army during WW2? Sid James
  17. Jocks 17 Where was the Jock statue situated prior to it being moved to The View in 1994 Opposite Joubert Park in King George Street Johannesburg
  18. Entertainment 18 Which James Bond Actor enlisted in The Royal Navy at the age of sixteen Sean Connery
  19. Military History 19 Who was “The Red Baron” (Possible Bonus) Who is/was his main adversary? Baron Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen Snoopy (Fun answer)
  20. Military History 20 Who served both the SADF and the SANDF as Chief of the South African Army? Lt Gen Hattingh Pretorius SD,SM, MMM
  21. Heritage 21 Who wrote the poem Isandlwana? Lt Col John Macrae
  22. Sport 22 The Golfing legend Gary Player had a brother in the Jocks. Who was he? Bonus for his field of expertise. Dr. Ian Player Conservation
  23. Jocks 23 The Transvaal Scottish Volunteer Regiment was officially Gazetted on 12 December 1902. Name 2 other Regiments gazetted on the same day? Imperial Light Horse (Left Wing and Right Wing); South African Light Horse; Johannesburg Mounted Rifles; Scottish Horse; Central South African Railway Volunteers; Transvaal Light Infantry
  24. Heritage 24 Who Died on the farm Doornkloof? Jan Christiaan Smuts 
  25. Sport 25 The Celebrated South African Cricketer Eric Rowan had two brothers in the Transvaal Scottish. Who were they? Athol and Basil

Trevor (Porky) Wright
Chairman ~ Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association

UPDATE: To find all the questions in one place, use the online Quiz entry!

Those who have already sent your answers, have until Sunday to review and revise.

Hello Fellow Jocks and friends


We hope we made your Lock Down a bit more interesting over the last few weeks!

Below are all 25 questions.
So far no 100% entries have been received, so it is not too late to enter.
Those who have already sent your answers, have until Sunday to review and revise.
For a minimum donation of R30.00 once off.
To be paid to the TSRA Account using your name and quiz as reference.
Non-members are welcome to enter. Email or message TSRA for Banking Details.


A daily question has been posted on the Facebook Page and sent on the WhatsApp group (a total of 25 questions)

Email your answers with your proof of payment to or

before 12 noon on Sunday 5thJuly 2020.

Any person posting the answer on Facebook or WhatsApp- correct or incorrect will automatically be disqualified.

Non-payment = disqualification.

You can win A Bottle of Scotch (Johannesburg Members), your 2021 Subs or a cash prize of R280 (Members –your current subs MUST be up to date)

Because Google makes it so easy, some questions are quite obscure and no correspondence regarding answers will be entertained.

If more than 1 (one) correct entry is received the winners name will be drawn by an independent non- member of the Association. To facilitate judging some questions will have bonus answers to be considered in the case of a draw.

Note: The Chairman and his family members are not allowed to enter.


Trevor (Porky) Wright

Chairman ~ Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association

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