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Chief of Defence Reserves, Maj Gen R Andersen speaks on deployment of Defence Reserves

Apr 26, 2020

Reserves in the South African Army, South African Air Force, South African Navy and
the South African Military Health Service (“Four Services”) form an important
component of the SANDF.
To date a large number of the Reserves in each of the Four Services has been called
up and deployed on borderline protection and together with the Regular Force in
support of the SAPS and the Department of Health during OP NOTLELA to combat
In addition, certain Reserve force units and selected individuals have been put on 25
hours standby.
The remaining members who are currently serving in the Reserve Force but who have
not yet been called up have been asked to make contact with their units in order to
confirm their availability. They will be called up as soon as they are required.

Those members of the Reserves who have not yet been called up and who have
specialist skills are requested to contact the Defence Reserves offices in their provinces
(contact details are available on to volunteer their service.

Such persons include:

  • Health care practitioners, especially nurses and doctors
  • Qualified chefs
  • Qualified mechanics
  • Qualified engineers, technical and mechanical
  • Pilot or aviation experience
  • Qualified seamstresses

They should provide the following information:

  • Force Number
  • Rank
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Identity Number
  • Corps
  • Nearest town or city
  • Nature of Scarce Skill/ Qualification

The SA National Defence would like to thank the members of the Reserve Force for their willingness to serve, and for the significant contribution they are making.


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