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90th Anniversary of the Transvaal Scottish 1902 – 1992

It is 30 years since the celebrations of the 90th Anniversary since its inception in 1902.

In the words of Veteran Trevor (Porky) Wright, current Chairman of The Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association “To celebrate the 90th birthday of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment, Major Tony Macquet, communications, and marketing Officer came up with the idea of an indoor Tattoo to be held at the Standard Bank indoor Tennis Arena. It included members from The Atholl Highlanders, Pipe Bands, Brass Bands from throughout South Africa, and dancers from the Shonah Robinson dance studio.

The finale was a “Retreat Ceremony” by the combined battalions of The Transvaal Scottish. As the RSM in charge of the Parade, I regard this Retreat Ceremony as one of my finest achievements. Executing a parade, (that is normally carried out on a soccer pitch-size parade ground) on a slightly oversize tennis court with only five days to practice was both challenging and satisfying. Proving once again that “The Book” is there for the guidance of the informed and the strict adherence to, of the ignorant.”

Message from the Tattoo Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee for the 90th Anniversary Celebrations of The Transvaal Scottish Regiment, Major A.J. Macquet

“It is with great pride that we present the 90th Anniversary Tattoo of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment this evening. Ours is a noble history, build with honour through generations of loyalty and military excellence.
This history is our foundation for the future and, as surely as we have stood tall in the past, so shall we continue to do so in the future.

This Regiment, like its fellow Citizen Force Regiments, has built its greatness in many areas of conflict. The blood of “Jocks” stains the battlefields of German South West Africa, Europe, Delville Wood in particular, North Africa and Italy.
And in recent years we have seen service in Namibia, Angola and at home. Along with our peers this Regiment has stood and adapted through decades of turbulent change. As we stand on the threshold of a New South Africa we are once again ready to play a positive role, continuing the strong traditions of the past and helping to set standards for the future.

It is, therefore, fitting that those regiments which have been closely associated with us over our 90 years are on parade with us tonight. We take pride in our association and in what we, as regiments, have achieved for South Africa individually and collectively over the years.

This tattoo and indeed, the 90th Anniversary Celebrations as a whole, would not have been possible were it not for those members of the regiment as well as those not in the regiment, who have worked tirelessly as a team to realise a fitting celebration. In many instances they found themselves being responsible for tasks not familiar to them, neither in their civilian capacities or as trained soldiers. Despite this, they came through with flying colours.

The Officers Commanding, Cmdt. Grant Stevens – 1 Transvaal Scottish and Cmdt. Lance Houghton – 2 Transvaal Scottish join me in thanking each one of you, most sincerely for the vital roles you have played. Further foundation has been laid, and it would be right and fitting for your names to go forward and become part of our history as we pass to our successors a Regiment which we have continued to build on the solid foundation created by our predecessors.

It is fitting to mention the key roles played by the Officers Commanding. If ever there was an example of “leading from the front”, this was it.

We thank 7 Division, 73 Brigade and the Directorate of Public Relations, D.H.Q., for their enthusiasm and unreserved support. This tattoo would not have been possible otherwise.

We thank the Regimental Council for their support and in particular that of the Chairman, Col. Ian MacKenzie as well as Capt. Peter Digby.

The two R.S.M.s played major roles, and our thanks go to W.O. 1 Stuart Henderson and W.O. 1 Trevor Wright. They were ably assisted by W.O. 11 George Sutherland and W.O. 11 Pat Marshall.

We were not totally without expert assistance. We were very fortunate to have as Producer and Technical Director, Capt. Alex Reid-Peters of Durban Tattoo, Melbourne Tattoo and Edinburgh Tattoo fame. As Musical Director we were privileged to have Col. Tony Harding of the South African Police Orchestra. Col. Harding is himself an ex Black Watch member. Thank you both for your considerable contribution.

Piping in this country is at a very high standard and we thank the Pipe Majors and the bands for their excellent music. We thank Pipe Major Greg Lloyd for the role he played as Director Pipes and Drums.

A Tattoo would not be a Tattoo without the Brass. Our thanks go to the Natal Carbineers, Cape Town Rifles, South African Police and the Lenasia Muslim Brigade Band.

Despite the dangers when one singles out members, I risk this by thanking, in particular Capt. Dave Burnett and Capt. Ian Crowther both of R.H.Q., W.O. 11 Sheena Volmer of D.H.Q. and W.O. 11 Dave Redding of The South African Irish Regiment for their significant contributions.

Two Atholl Highlanders made the long journey to be with us. Thank you Cpl. Graham Jack and L/Cpl. Kyle Grant for being here and taking part in the tattoo.

The Transvaal Scottish is a family. The people of Johannesburg and surrounds are our close family and the success of our celebrations has been assured by your support. Thank you for sharing this evening with us.”

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