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CO Venkele
Reserve Force Progress
Dellville Wood 90th
Great Lakes Visit
Centenary of the Bhambatha rebellion of 1906
The Bhambatha / 1906 Protest Centenary in 2006
Bhambatha 1906 Rebellion Centenary Commemoration participation in 2006

In some way, these organisations are involved with or associated with The Transvaal Scottish Regiment.

Military Links Narrative
South African National Defence Force Incorporating DOD, Def. Secretariat and SANDF.
Cape Town Highlanders Active Site
South African Irish Regiment Active
Natal Carbineers Active Site
Transvaal Horse Artillery Active Site

Non South African Sites & Links

The Black Watch
Black Watch (R H R) of Canada
3 Black Watch
There are various sites dedicated to The Black Watch.  These are just a few of the sites.
British Army Index of Regimental Web Sites Regiments of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth


Cultural Links Narrative
South African Heritage Resource Agency
(National Monuments Council)
The Regimental HQ, The Viewholds the distinction of being a National Monument.  All maintenance has to be done in accordance with this agencies guidance.

Location of SAHRA offices:
The Provincial Manager
Records of Military graves in South Africa (Boer War etc)
Tel :+27 (0)11 403 0683/2410
Fax :+27 (0)11 403 2609
Parktown and Westcliffe Herritage Trust This period based organisation utilises The View as one of its tour stops.  The arcitecture, fittings, methods of work and so forth are discussed - even students make reference to this building.


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Touch Africa Safaris Try my Web Site for the best in Safaris and Scuba.
Tel: +27 (0)11 704 3502,
mobile: +27 (0)82 412 1830
Fax: +27 (0)11 462 5343,


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LOROSAHB League of Researchers of South African Historical Battlefields