Regimental Association

At the end of World War II, each of the three battalions had their own Association. In January 1950, Major Angus McLaren wrote in the 1st Bn newsletter, No 3. that: " a strong combined association should carry a lot more weight in the future and be of greater assistance to the Regiment as a whole." This amalgamation took place on 24th March 1950 with sixty-six members in attendance. Since that date,membership has grown significantly with membership world-wide. 



To foster esprit de corps.


To cater for the welfare of past and present members of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment.


To uphold, carry out and maintain the traditions of the Regiment.


To foster comradeship between past and serving members of the Regiment.


To assist members of the Regiment and their dependants in times of need.


To further the welfare of the Regiment.




His Grace the Duke of Athol




Colonel S.J. Whitford, JCD, MM




Colonel L.F. Alexander, SM, MMM, JCD

Vice President



T Wright HC, MMM, JCD & Bar




R.H.J. Prince

Vice Chairman



D.J. Hattingh

Hon. Treasurer



D. Gould

Hon. Secretary




S. Campbell

Fund raising



I.G.E. Cumming




T.R. Cock

Liaison - Officers' Mess



L.D. Daniels

Liaison WO's & Sergeants' Mess



B. Morom





P.B.V. Clarence

Editor, The Jock Column



D. Gould



Ordinary Membership
All persons, who have served in the Regiment, including attached troops and members of the Black Watch may apply.

Associate Membership

Any person who is considered a friend of the Regiment and / or the association.

Download the membership application form in Microsoft Word format.(55kb). This may be posted, faxed or emailed to the Hon. Secretary

Income is derived from:
  a Subscriptions Veterans R 40.00 p.a.
    Ordinary membership R 100.00 p.a.
    Associate membership R 100.00 p.a.
    Life Membership R 1,000.00 p.a.
  b Donations and Fund Raising
  c The Jock Shop
The Jock Shop, very ably run by Mr. Bob Prince, provides an invaluable service to past and serving members of the Regiment in procuring Regimental ties, blazer badges and buttons, cuff links and other items of memorabilia for sale to members.

The shop also carries stock of the "Tartan on the Veld" covering the post world war 2 history to recent times of the Regiment. This work is the third book following "The History of the Transvaal Scottish" which deals with inception of the regiment in 1902 and "The Saga of the Transvaal Scottish" which covers the activities of the Regiment during the 2nd World War.

Both these books are now considered Afrikaner and are collector's items

  Monthly Get-together at "The View"
Members meet from 16:30 at"The View",Ridge Road, Parktown on the first Monday of each month unless it is a public holiday. Then the meeting is postponed to the following Monday.

The occasion is for members to maintain friendships and promote esprit de corps.

Dress code: - Collar and tie.

Remember "Friday is Regimental Tie day"

  The quarterly publication of the Association's journal . "the Jock Column" is distributed to members in South Africa, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia.
The Jock column, considered by many to be one of the better regimental magazines within the SANDF, is integral to the Association and the Regiment and is now in its 45th year of service to Association members.

  Members and interested parties are invited to submit letters and articles of interest to :
Hon. Secretary
Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association
P.O.Box 44334
Republic of South Africa